Fredman Food Tech 2.0


Finally I can shout out to the world about our next big international leap towards a totally new business platform that will in a revolutionary way add value to the foodservice industry. We have announced here in Germany, at the Anuga exhibition, our complete new foodservice concept. It will help professional kitchens finally to reach the highest possible level in regards of increased food safety, cost savings, healthier environment, happier kitchen professionals and better financial results.  Our new service concept consist of two new resources at your service.


KITCHEN ROBO, our new employee, will help your staff to take care of HACCP routines by measuring temperatures 24/7 of your kitchen equipment and sending alerts when necessary. KITCHEN ROBO saves the measurement data directly in to your defined HACCP system and sends alerts if a critical HACCP point shows a discrepancy. The complete system is based on high quality IoT technology solution, with wireless data transmission to our cloud service, downloaded and displayed to our Fredman Pro mobile or web application.

CHEFSTEIN gives insights and answers to monitor your operations at different levels in a controlled manner with a single service view. It will digitalize and automate processes according to your objectives and manage operations based on your own kitchen data. It will also secure to minimize reputation risks and pay attention to sustainability and energy management. You can easily import external 3rd party data and through analytics make new and consolidated descriptive business data available. CHEFSTEIN will also manage and create diagnostic and predictive analytics for your business decisions.


We invite the whole kitchen family around the world to join us to develop future foodservice concepts and technology. We will focus on the added customer value and are passionate to increase it in every step we take. We need partners with similar mindset to achieve this goal. Only in fully integrated ecosystem great things start to happen. We have a strong belief that future technology will integrate into our ordinary daily life and if we apply it in an innovative way it will bring great new value to each of us. Come and join our voyage!

Let’s strive for the perfect kitchen!


Peter Fredman
Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy

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