Technology and digitalization do not just promote efficiency in cooking or ensure the high quality of food. Food Tech is a central factor in ensuring food safety, combating food waste and implementing the principles of sustainable development in professional kitchens. The topic is featured at the Sauce Forum, which is a top seminar for the food and restaurant industry, organized in Helsinki, Finland.

Sauce Forum will be organized in Helsinki on September 1-3. It shares knowledge and expertise from international opinion leaders in the food and restaurant industry through discussions, networking and panel discussions. The objective of the top-level seminar is to understand the global changes and trends in the industry as well as to prepare for the future.

Central topics at Sauce Forum will be Food Tech and the restaurant industry’s pursuits to direct their operations towards a more responsible path. Special attention will be paid to food waste. Halving food waste by 2030 is one of the UN’s sustainable development goals. Currently approximately one fifth of food waste is estimated to be created in professional kitchens and restaurants.

“It’s not just about having the right mindset. We also need the right tools to ensure food safety and combat food waste. Digital systems and data make professional kitchens smarter and more responsible,” says Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board at Fredman Group.

Data is a kitchen’s least expensive raw material

Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy is a part of Fredman Group, and it produces digital HACCP and management systems and services for professional kitchens. Systematic data collection enables the effective management of kitchens, resource optimization and a high level of food safety.

“Data is a kitchen’s least expensive raw material. Utilizing it correctly helps you save on many other, significantly more expensive, raw materials,” Peter Fredman explains.

Forerunners in digitalization are also forerunners in responsibility

In addition to  Peter Fredman, Sauce Forum will welcome expert guest Niklas Lovén, CEO at FreshX. Swedish FreshX is specialized in digital services for the restaurant industry.

“Every food and restaurant business will digitalize in the coming years, simply because their suppliers and other collaborative partners will demand it. The ones to benefit from digitalization the most are those who act fast and can therefore digitalize on their own terms. These companies will also have the best chances of controlling their costs and functioning as forerunners of responsibility,” Lovén says.

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Fredman Group is a Finnish family-owned business striving to create the perfect kitchen. It combines data, technology and versatile know-how to create better food. Fredman Group consists of subsidiaries Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy, focused on professional kitchen business operations, and Fredman Operations Oy, responsible for logistics. In the beginning of 2019, a third subsidiary will be launched: Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy, specialized in Food Tech service business operations. Fredman Group Oy and its subsidiaries’ revenue is approximately EUR 24 million. The group employs approximately 80 people. The main office is in Espoo, Finland, and products are manufactured at a factory in Rauma, Finland. Fredman Group has been in operation since Euran Paperi Oy was founded in 1937.

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