Fredman Group invested in Biovaaka Oy



Fredman Group purchases a share in Biovaaka OY, a start-up company specializing in the reduction of food waste

Fredman Group, a Finnish family-owned company, specializing in digital HACCP and kitchen management services of restaurants, has purchased a 19.5-percent share in the Lappeenranta-based start-up company Biovaaka Oy. A smart bio-scale developed at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences reduces food waste left behind by restaurant customers, aiding restaurants to operate more cost-effectively. The purchase of Biovaaka Oy is a step forward in Fredman Group’s strategy to become a leading international player in the Food Tech branch.

The digital HACCP and kitchen management services developed and delivered by Fredman Group help restaurants to ensure their food safety and to reduce waste. These services will be supplemented by a smart method, developed at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, of measuring the volume of biowaste generated at restaurants. A bio-scale system makes concrete the food waste left by consumers in a dining situation, teaching them to choose smaller portions at a time. The bio-scale displays the amount of waste left behind by a restaurant customer immediately after he/she empties the leftover on his/her plate in a biowaste container. At the same time, the system provides the customer with direct feedback on how much he/she generated biowaste compared to other customers of the restaurant.

Bio-scale to complement the Fredman Food Tech concept

“Fredman represents new kind of Finnish thinking on food, which includes not only cooking skills and ingredients but also first-class food safety, enabled by cutting-edge technology, responsibility and sustainable environmental values. The bio-scale is a concrete innovation, born out of practical challenges, which complements this concept. Integrating it with our service and restaurant network will constitute a precision weapon in the fight against food waste. The reduction and monitoring of food waste at restaurants is a global challenge, the solution for which requires action taken by all players in the production and distribution chain”, comments Peter Fredman, Chair of the Board of the Fredman Group.

The bio-scale system gathers information and stores it in a cloud service, thereby enabling systematic and continuous monitoring of the waste volume. Such monitoring generates timely and reliable measurement data in support of decision-making by restaurants, allowing them to plan their menus to be increasingly customer-centered. The bio-scale will be developed further together with Fredman Group to also enable its use in the analysis and reduction of waste generated on buffet lines and in restaurant kitchens.

Automation of the comprehensive monitoring of food waste

“It is great that an operator like Fredman Group found a service that we had developed as student work as being suitable to complement their, already smart, kitchen management service that will automate kitchen chores. With Fredman joining forces with us, we will be able to develop our system further towards comprehensive automation of the waste monitoring. At present, monitoring is carried out by manual measurements, which is why many kitchens fail to perform them. Automation helps kitchen personnel in their work by minimizing tasks that are not related to cooking and customer service, leaving professionals in kitchen services with more time to focus on what they really love,” says Jukka Hänninen, Special Expert who coordinated the development of the bio-scale system at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, happily.

The comprehensive monitoring of food waste at restaurants helps them to develop their methods and to minimize the amount of waste. Reducing the amount of biowaste will generate savings for restaurants as, for example, ingredient costs and biowaste disposal fees will be reduced. Reducing the volume of waste will reduce not only costs but also the carbon footprint of the restaurant. Discarding edible food is a substantial economic and ecological burden.

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The bio-scale system was developed in the EKOODI programming training programme of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, in the course of a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). The development work began to meet a need recognized by Kampusraviontolat (“Campus Canteens”), jointly owned by Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Biovaaka Oy is a company founded by the students at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and LUT and by the experts who participated in the development of the solution and who then continued the development and commercialization of the solution. This smart bio-scale system has received widespread interests from restaurants. The first restaurants outside the campus introduced the system in autumn 2018.

Fredman Group is a Finnish family business that strives for the perfect kitchen and fights for the best flavours. Fredman Group’s subsidiaries, Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy and Fredman Operations Oy, sell and provide solutions, services and products for professional kitchens.  We combine data, technology, systems and versatile know-how to create better food. We are experts in food safety, HACCP and kitchen management as well as in ensuring a high level of hygiene and minimal food waste in professional kitchens. Fredman Food Tech services has been developed together with our customers and can now be found in hundreds of professional kitchens where it improves the efficiency of kitchen management and HACCP. Fredman Group Oy and its subsidiaries’ turnover is approximately 24 million euros. The group employs approximately 80 people.

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