Fredman equips the Finnish Bocuse d’Or team with Finnish Food Tech expertise



Picture: Kim Öhman

The two-day final of Bocuse d’Or, one of the world’s most prestigious chef competitions, starts today in Lyon, France. The Finnish team aims for the podium. Success in the competition both supports the career of the team members and emphasises Finland’s status on the gastronomical world map. The high-level gastronomic expertise of the Finnish kitchen professionals is backed-up by technological excellence, represented by the Fredman Food Tech service package created by the Finnish Fredman Group for intelligent kitchen management.

Ismo Sipeläinen, who represents Finland in the Bocuse d’Or competition, and Johan Kurkela, his assistant, have trained for the competition full-time for over a year. Finland has traditionally placed well in the competition, and supporting the Finnish team is an important pathway for international markets for the Fredman Group, which specialises in kitchen technology. It has developed intelligent kitchen management services that automate every-day routines in the restaurant and ease the burden of the kitchen staff by minimising the tasks that are not part of cooking and customer service.

“The Bocuse d’Or competition is a test laboratory for showcasing new Finnish perceptions of food. In addition to kitchen skills, it includes first-class food safety made possible with top technology as well as responsibility and sustainable environmental values. The top professionals and opinion leaders of the gastronomic world follow the Bocuse d’Or competition and the countries that place well,” says Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board at Fredman Group, and continues: “Food Tech will be the next major long-term theme both in Finland and abroad. Safety of food and ingredients is strongly associated with Finland, allowing us to become an international pioneer of food safety also in the field of food technology.”

The Finnish Fredman Food Tech is a service package desinged for HACCP of professional kitchens and restaurants and for knowledge-based kitchen management. It is scalabe for the needs of both small and large professional kitchens. It frees working time from HACCP routines to cooking top flavours, minimises food safety risks and helps to cut down food waste.

In the service package, Fredman Pro mobile app has been integrated into the daily restaurant routines, and the Kitchen Robo sensors that are installed on the equipment and facilities gather data around the clock. Chefstein® facilitates management and continous development of operations by collecting the information on food safety, kitchen hygiene, food waste and sustainable development in a single view.

The restaurateur no longer needs to worry about the cold rooms getting warm or the freezers melting because the service alerts about risk situations before any damage takes place. This service package that has been developed in Finland helps to ensure that ingredients remain fresh and are stored in the correct temperature all the way from their reception to the plate.

Finland aims for the podium

Finland has participated in the Bocuse d’Or competition 13 times. Our best achievement was Matti Jämsén’s fourth place in 2015. Also, Finland has also come fifth twice and sixth once. This year, the Finnish Bocuse d’Or team consists of Ismo Sipeläinen, candidate, Johan Kurkela, assistant, Matti Jämsén, president and Finnish judge, and Tommi Tuominen, coach. Sipeläinen and Kurkela will cook two competition dishes for 14 people in 5 hours and 35 minutes. Both tasks pay tribute to Paul Bocuse, the creator of the contest, and Joël Robuchon.

“The task is extremely challenging but I have closely watched the Sipeläinen’ s team prepare and know that our team is in shape to win. The general success of Finns in the competition has supported Finnish culinary work, allowing new food import opportunities on both the product and service sector. It is great to be a part of a world-class champion team and to support Sipeläinen and Kurkela on their way towards the dream of food-loving Finns,” adds Peter Fredman.

The final of the Bocuse d’Or competiion will be held in Lyon on 29–30 January 2019. Finland will compete on the second day, 30 January, starting at 9 a.m. Finnish time.

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