Maintaining food safety requires continuous work


Kitchens are always busy and often short of staff. This has been the situation for many years, and I believe things won’t drastically change in the near future. In a hectic environment it is easy to forget about food safety inspection tasks: when was the last time you measured the temperature of the salad bar or of the arriving food delivery?

Who is monitoring your kitchen?

It is all too often that I ask these questions from the kitchen staff and receive an uncomfortable silence as a reply. The situation is evident when visiting kitchens with crumpled HACCP notes on the kitchen walls. Has the restaurant ensured food safety if the notes are blank? Sadly, it is often after food poisonings that the inspections in the kitchens become more regular. Talk about gambling with your reputation!

Digital leap in the kitchen – small step for the kitchen staff, giant leap for food safety

Why not take the digital leap now and let the sensors take care of and monitor the food safety of your kitchen’s refrigeration appliances? Why not save the time spent going over the HACCP routines and use it in cooking quality food in a safe environment?

The obligatory HACCP tasks and writing down measurements on a piece of paper are about to be history, as the future will introduce various developed management and monitoring functions for kitchens. These include a bio scale for automatic food waste measuring and management, interactive displays for workday management, upgrading the everyday kitchen management to a new level and easier control work. The bigger the kitchen and the chain, the more you benefit from digitalization. With Fredman’s help you can manage, monitor and report your kitchen’s operations, whether you are a small restaurant owner or have a large chain to manage.

Move you and your kitchen into the present day and look to the future!

Ville Parkkinen
Chef de Cuisine

Fredman Group