ISS Palvelut cooperates with Fredman to modernize the HACCP of its catering services



ISS Palvelut, one of the largest private employers in Finland, has selected the Finnish Fredman Food Tech service package to ensure the HACCP and kitchen management of its catering services. This means that the HACCP processes will be digitalized in over a hundred restaurants to guarantee food safety and to facilitate the staff’s work. The service will be implemented and the staff trained in its use by the end of 2019.


ISS provides diverse restaurant and catering services for the private as well as the public sector. Fredman Food Tech services will be integrated into the daily processes and appliances of all ISS restaurants and kitchens. This ensures food safety which is essential for kitchens. The digitalization of HACCP concerns all ISS restaurants and restaurant concepts, from the headquarters of large companies to canteens and central kitchens serving schools, kindergartens and eldercare. Before drawing up a contract, Fredman Food Tech services were piloted in nine ISS restaurants. According to user experience, this intelligent service saved time in the kitchen and also facilitated the daily work of employees and supervisors by clarifying processes.

“Responsibility is close to our hearts. In the restaurant industry, food safety lies at the core of responsibility. We provide a wide range of catering services across Finland that can be quite different from one another. By using Fredman’s Food Tech service package, we can standardize our HACCP as well as concentrate our data analysis and create new kinds of food safety measures,” says Petri M. Salminen, Product Manager of ISS Catering Services. “In addition to ensuring food safety, these intelligent systems have facilitated our employees’ daily work in the kitchen and helped in realizing why HACCP is essential,” he continues.


ISS utilizes Fredman’s most comprehensive service level, the Perfect Kitchen level. The restaurants and central kitchens of ISS will be equipped with Kitchen Robo sensors that collect data from refrigeration devices 24/7. The automated temperature control gives off an alert when detecting a risk. On location, HACCP tasks and measurements are carried out using the Fredman Pro mobile application. All data is directly stored into the cloud service, so hand-written papers are no longer needed. Fredman’s Chefstein® service analyzes the data which ISS can then use for planning and developing all its restaurant operations. Fredman and ISS Palvelut Oy have a multiyear service contract which also covers continuous training and service development.

“Digital HACCP system and knowledge-based management represent a new kind of Finnish food thinking. In addition to kitchen skills, it includes first-class food safety made possible with top technology as well as responsibility and sustainable environmental values. We are not just providing ISS with a system and database along with relevant equipment. Instead, we are building and maintaining a service together that aims to develop the business towards a perfect kitchen. Our service also includes training the staff to use the application,” says Markku Lukkari, Managing Director of Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy. He continues: “This collaboration with a global business is also interesting from the Finnish perspective, and we’re eager to share our success with the international network of ISS as well. Projects like these enable Finland and its Food Tech know-how to stand out on the global stage.”

ISS Pavelut creates sustainable well-being for properties and their users, bringing qualitative and financial value for our customers’ businesses. We are one of the largest private employers and the leading property and facility services company in Finland. Our services include catering, cleaning, property management, security and support services. In 2018, our turnover was 407 million euros and we had 8,017 employees. ISS Palvelut is part of the international ISS Group.

Fredman Group is a Finnish family business that strives for the perfect kitchen. We combine data, technology, systems and versatile know-how to create better food. We are experts in food safety, HACCP and kitchen management as well as in ensuring a high level of hygiene and minimal food waste in professional kitchens. Fredman Food Tech services has been developed together with our customers and can now be found in thousands of professional kitchens where it improves the efficiency of kitchen management and HACCP. Fredman Group Oy and its subsidiaries’ turnover is approximately 24 million euros. The group employs approximately 80 people.

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