Forerunners cooperating towards a plastic-free Naughty BRGR


The “Burger Man” Akseli Herlevi recently informed that Naughty BRGR has stopped using plastic packaging in all its restaurants and take-away dishes. Fredman has helped Herlevi and his team in this remarkable change by designing and producing fully biodegradable pulp-based burger boxes for Naughty BRGR.

Annually, this environmentally friendly decision means a decrease of over a million disposable plastic products when the take-away containers, cutlery, straws, dipping cups and their lids used in five Naughty BRGR restaurants are combined. For a restaurant chain specialized in quality burgers, the amount of take-away orders is continuously increasing, so it is natural to start considering an alternative for plastic.

–  We first got excited about the trend of giving up plastic straws. We then started to investigate if we could promote sustainable development and help the environment by doing something even bigger, say, by giving up plastic packaging materials altogether. We discussed this idea with Fredman, and they started planning packaging materials for us following future needs and demands. As a result of this cooperation, we can proudly say that all our packaging materials have now been replaced by bioplastic, so we no longer need regular bins in our restaurants, explains the happy Burger Man Akseli Herlevi.

The biodegradable cardboard boxes produced by Fredman are laminated with pulp-based bioplastic which can be recycled as biowaste in restaurants and at home. In addition, no ink has been used in the packaging, which also reduces environmental burden.

–  We have cooperated with Naughty BRGR for some time. Last year, we provided them with digital HACCP and management services for ensuring food safety and reducing food waste. During this process, other environmental acts came up as well, so we started designing a new kind of biodegradable burger box for Naughty BRGR. Cardboard alone cannot protect a juicy burger, which is why the boxes are traditionally laminated with plastic. We discovered that a pulp-based biocoating is an excellent substitute for plastic as it keeps the burger warm and protects it before eating. The boxes are naturally brown because we didn’t want to ruin a great idea by using ink, explains Fredman’s Markku Lukkari.

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