Sanna Piha appointed as the Chief Operating Officer


The business growth developer Sanna Piha has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy, a company specialized in developing professional kitchens. In the past, Piha has succeeded in the development, internationalization, and strategic work of different service technology companies and will now apply her expertise in the product development and internationalization of the intelligent Finnish kitchen services.

The Finnish family business is investing significantly in the development of its intelligent business services. The company is internationalizing and growing its service business activities for kitchens while increasingly emphasizing the importance of creating a superior customer experience. The newly appointed Chief Operating Officer from Lempäälä is well familiar with the starting points of the process after building a career in the field of international solution services. In the past, Piha has worked with multilingual content and technology solutions as the American company Lionbridge’s Director in Finland and as the Chief Strategy Officer responsible for technology, service solutions and growth for the international Czech company Moravia.

“I have supported companies and investors with internationalization for years. In Finland, Fredman is a pioneer and trendsetter in its own field and possesses major global potential. Changes in the ways or working, insufficiency of food, the increasing mobility of people and digitalization are huge trends at the moment, but the ways of working in kitchens are still rather traditional,” says Sanna Piha, who alongside her new post also grows organic vegetables in her family company. She continues: “In this world, Fredman represents a new kind of thinking on food, which includes not only kitchen skills but also first-class food safety made possible with top technology as well as responsibility and sustainable environmental values. People will always be cooking. However, by making use of the newest service solutions based on research and development information, we are able to harness the technologies and analytics to optimize the used resources – whether referring to raw materials or energy – while enabling the professionals of creative work to focus on their core tasks in the best possible environment. I am extremely excited to be able to enter the fascinating food service industry in my new role as a food technology ambassador”.

The digital HACCP and management services developed and supplied by Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy guarantee food safety and help to reduce food waste. The service brings together all of the data related to food safety, food waste, hygiene and energy consumption, analyzes it and presents the results in a visual form. The results can be monitored on the level of an individual restaurant or the entire restaurant chain.

“Sanna Piha has earned her spurs as the developer of global service business activities. Her merits include, for example, ensuring a language technology service industry company’s raking among the fastest growing companies in Europe during three consecutive years. I am extremely proud to have her strategic know-how and international experience that will undoubtedly benefit Fredman’s service development and export activities”, The Chairman of the Board of Fredman Group Peter Fredman happily states.

Additional information

Peter Fredman, Chairman Of The Board, Fredman Group Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 4011 616,

Sanna Piha, Chief Operating Officer, Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 443 1311,

Fredman Group is a Finnish family business that strives for the perfect kitchen. We combine data, technology and versatile know-how to create better food. We are experts in food safety, HACCP and kitchen management as well as in ensuring a high level of hygiene and minimal food waste in professional kitchens. Fredman Food Tech services have been developed together with our customers and can now be found in thousands of professional kitchens where they improve the efficiency of kitchen management and HACCP. Fredman’s equipment for food preparation, delivery and storage as well as kitchen cleaning tools such as the Carita® fibre cloths, Comple® meal service system, and Elmu®kelmu wrap are well-known in all of the professional kitchens in Finland. Fredman Group Oy and its subsidiaries’ turnover is approximately 24 million euros. The group employs approximately 80 people.

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