Corporate responsibility – mere rhetoric or real action


We live in a wonderful world, but the times are challenging. A splendid past is no longer a guarantee of future development, if it ever was. All lines of business seem to be undergoing changes, and change is always an opportunity.

Corporate responsibility already sounds like an everyday phrase, but in practical terms it is not. It involves a huge number of issues and interpretations. From the viewpoint of sustainable development, issues get a different meaning. Even in this respect, Finnish companies work in an exemplary manner, as a rule. They report how they have lowered CO2 emissions and minimised energy consumption. Unfortunately, this is not enough. As consumers, we require more concrete action. There is still a lot that companies can do to make the world more sustainable and allow future generations to enjoy a healthier environment.

Action is needed, not just promises

We have promised that by 2030 all our products will be recyclable and made from renewable materials. We constantly develop new food technology solutions for our customers to facilitate higher resource efficiency for them through less wastage, lower energy consumption and continuous optimisation of operations. We have launched the largest development project in the company’s history. Known as “Chefstein”, it will allow us to utilise future technology, such as machine learning and AI, in a user-friendly manner, anytime and anywhere. Finnish companies have been blamed for a lack of investments. We sail against the current. The only way to build a more dignified future and sustainable society is to invest.

The best talents help us achieve our goals

We have decided that we will transform the hotel and restaurant business through our services. That requires excellence in innovation, long-term efforts and concrete action. We will not be able to achieve our goal unless we can attract the best talents. Luckily, for now, we have succeeded perfectly in this respect. Exceptional courage is required from customers, employees, owners, the Board and every member of the network to begin constructing entirely new service models never seen before. This must be the culture of experimentation, which requires new skills and competence, bold experiments and failed projects. This is the only way to create something new and unique.

We aim to be global, and the world has a thirst for new sustainable business tools. In addition to continuous dialogue, we deliver solutions that enable professional kitchens worldwide to operate on a more sustainable basis. Only actions matter.

Peter Fredman
Chairman of the Board
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