Finnish high-end technology into Olo group restaurants



Olo Group has chosen Fredman Group’s digital HACCP and management services into their kitchens to ensure food safety of their restaurant functions and to minimise food waste. Fredman’s intelligent kitchen management services automate the every-day routines of the high-end restaurant and ease the burden of the kitchen staff by minimising the tasks that are not part of cooking and customer service.

In addition to introducing the intelligent kitchen management services in all their restaurants, Olo Group will also become an ambassador of the services developed by the Finnish family company.

“HACCP is the starting point for all operations in the restaurant industry for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of ingredients and working premises. Even though we have chosen the high-end food experiences as our operative line, the same rules apply to each and every operator working in the food industry. According to the kitchen staff, the often arduous HACCP process can fortunately be made easier by means of intelligent technology, and this is something that us Finns excel at on a global scale. Fredman is a pioneer in the field for creating new, digital practices and standards for the restaurant industry,” says the head chef Pekka Terävä, one of the founders of Olo Group, and continues: “Fredman is an example of how, in addition to the know-how in the field of kitchen and ingredients, there is some world-class vision and know-how in Finland about applying top technology into ensuring food safety, responsibility and sustainable environmental values”.

The services developed and supplied by Fredman Group have made it possible to lead with knowledge in the restaurant industry as well. The Food Tech services produce and analyse information from different kitchen processes. This information is used for increasing the effectiveness of the leading of business activities by providing more opportunities for the kitchen professionals to focus on creativity and ensure a great customer experience.

“The Fredman Pro service helps make sure, for example, that the ingredients and food portions in the restaurants, events and catering jobs stay fresh and within the correct temperature range all the way from receiving the ingredients to preparing the portion on the plate. Automated HACCP also reduces food waste by making sure that we are constantly aware of what is in our fridges. We take pride in being able to demonstrate the Fredman services we use to other players in the industry as well,” Terävä adds.

The Finnish Fredman Pro is a digital service package that is scalable for the needs of both small and large professional kitchens. The service is integrated into the daily routines of the restaurant, and the sensors installed in the equipment and facilities collect kitchen data around the clock.

“Olo Group is an excellent company for showcasing the different possibilities of using intelligent services in a high-end restaurant. We will be utilising their experiences in our international marketing as well – the head chef of Food Camp Mikko Kaukonen is representing us and Finland in the world’s most prestigious gastronomic competition Bocuse d’Or,” says Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board at Fredman Group.

For further information, please contact Chairman of the Board Peter Fredman, +358-50-401-1616 or

Olo Group Oyis a group made of top restaurants and boundary-breaking dining experiences that has grown around the Michelin-starred restaurant Olo. In addition to Olo, the Olo Group includes other restaurants such as Emo, Garden by Olo and Nude. Olo Group also includes a high-end catering company Food Camp Finland that also operates the lunch restaurant Maritori in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Furthermore, the group’s specialist fields include event production, consultation and training of the food service industry operators from restaurants to the food industry. Olo Group also includes a wine web shop and business service called Bottlescouts.​ 

Fredman Group is a Finnish family business that strives for the perfect kitchen. We combine data, technology, systems and versatile know-how to create better food. We are experts in food safety, HACCP and kitchen management as well as in ensuring a high level of hygiene and minimal food waste in professional kitchens. Fredman Food Tech services has been developed together with our customers and can now be found in thousands of professional kitchens where it improves the efficiency of kitchen management and HACCP. Fredman Group Oy and its subsidiaries’ turnover is approximately 24 million euros. The group employs approximately 80 people.

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