Your kitchen is changing. Are you ready?



At Fredman, we strive for the perfect kitchen. For you, it might mean that precisely your kitchen is the kitchen that people talk about with enthusiasm and where professionals queue up to land a job. Your kitchen is changing. Are you ready?

Kitchen management at the centre of change

Did a year go by in a rush in the kitchen? Did you have enough competent staff to handle everything? Does your Oiva food control report still have a smiley face on it? And what about the customers? Will they still come around to eat again this year? Each of us probably needs new resources to face the new year.

Let’s take a moment to think about your coping, kitchen management and the changes your kitchen is going through.

For one and a half years, I have spread the good news of the journey towards the perfect kitchen at Fredman. Is it mere rhetoric? Not at all. Instead, we are actively striving for the perfect kitchen in the daily lives of our customers. As proof of this, we have many satisfied customers who have joined us on this journey.

Chefs as transformers of management and coping

Am I a miracle worker? No, but I am a transformer of your coping and kitchen management. Let’s begin a project together, where we dissect the day-to-day operations of your kitchen and contemplate how we can make them more efficient and employee-friendly.

Let’s make your kitchen the kitchen that is talked about with enthusiasm and where people queue up in order to land a job.

The ingredients of a perfect kitchen

The ingredients for a perfect kitchen are:

  • Rationalising kitchen processes and maximising the efficiency of these processes
  • Meeting safety requirements easily with Fredman Pro
  • Letting Fredman take care of monitoring the temperature measurements and maintenance needs of your kitchen’s refrigeration and dishwashing appliances
  • Measuring well-being and coping at work with Fredman’s help.

A new year and new, improved plans

Traditionally, the new year brings new plans, and this holds true for us, too. At Fredman, we will switch to a whole new gear and make monitoring the food safety of your kitchen even easier and more inviting.

We have something coming up that will blow your mind and revolutionise kitchen management. Stay tuned and be among the first to hear about it! You can subscribe to our newsletter directly from this link and, moreover, ask us survey your kitchen from this link.

There is plenty to go around for everyone!

Ville Parkkinen
Chef de Cuisine


Fredman Group