The Finnish company Fredman Group is seeking rapid growth through global expansion. The company has ambitions to quadruple the total turnover from €25 million to €100 million by 2024. Fredman Group provides smart kitchen solutions to companies and kitchen products catering to both consumers and kitchen professionals.

Rapid growth through global expansion

The owners, Clas and Peter Fredman, are committed to making a significant impact on businesses worldwide through offering innovative kitchen technology.

The company has developed a new service for kitchen operations called Fredman Chefstein®, which will transform the food service industry. Fredman Chefstein® helps automate condition control, improve kitchen processes, save time, improve food safety, reduce food waste, increase resource efficiency, and improve employee well-being.

In line with the company’s sustainability vision, their signature products, such as Elmu® cling film and Carita® cleaning fabric, are also to be exclusively made from renewable raw materials and fully recyclable by 2030.

Restructured with new management

While Clas and Peter Fredman will continue their involvement with the implementation of the company’s growth strategy, new personnel have been hired to steer the company toward its international aspirations.

– We are extremely committed to our growth strategy and having added capability and expertise, we are on track to meet the company’s ambitious goals, asserts Peter Fredman, Chair of the Board.

Antti Kuusela has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Fredman Group Oy and Marju Vroman will assume the role of Director of People and Sustainability Programs.

Sanna Piha has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy. Together with the prospective Advisory Board, Ms. Piha will be responsible for the company’s smart kitchen solution and global growth strategy.

The management of the other subsidiaries, Fredman Operations Oy and Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy, will remain unchanged.

Service launch in May

The new Fredman Chefstein® service will be launched in May, and cooperation negotiations are already under way with several international companies.

With a fully restructured organization and a brand-new service, Fredman Group is heading toward establishing a global presence. For Sanna Piha, Chief Executive Officer, it will be a busy year:

– At present, our traveling schedule is fully booked. On the itinerary are visits to London, Vienna, Tallinn as well as global hubs like Chicago, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore.”

Fredman Group’s venture abroad heralds a new era in the company’s 20-year history.

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Peter Fredman, Chair of the Board, Fredman Group, or tel. +35850 4011 616

Sanna Piha, CEO, Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy, or tel. +35850 443 1311 

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