Five tips for every professional kitchen



We at Fredman take care of you and your customers. Our services and equipment have been developed to serve professional kitchens in the best possible way. I would like to share information with you about our services and equipment as well as five tips for every professional kitchen.

Data is the most valuable ingredient in any kitchen

With the Fredman Pro service, you can concentrate on taking care of your customers while we take care of your kitchen. The Fredman Pro sensors measure and monitor the temperature of your appliances. With the help of monitoring and data, you ensure that the ingredients in your cold rooms are stored at the right temperatures and that the food you make for your customers is safe.

The importance of hygiene is emphasised

These days, the importance of hygiene is emphasised. The Carita Cleaning Cloth is an excellent choice for efficient cleaning because of its disposability. At the moment, using rubber gloves is more of a necessity than a recommendation. In any case, it is important to remember that gloves should be changed often.

Hygiene measurements are an efficient way to determine and ensure food safety. With the Fredman Hygineo surface hygiene measurement, you can ascertain the hygiene level of the measured surface in 15 seconds. This way, you can immediately and swiftly react to a weakened hygiene level, for example, and carry out deep cleaning.

Five tips from a chef for every professional kitchen

  • Consider if you can adjust your food supply. Is a buffet the only option?
  • Remove bread loaves which you must slice yourself and serve already sliced bread instead. Remember the utensils.
  • Reduce the variety where possible.
  • When setting up a buffet, choose small serving dishes so that you can speed up the rotation of the foods.
  • Change the utensils often.

Ville Parkkinen

Fredman Group