Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy's Management Team. Left to right: Chief Design Officer Elina Halinen, Marketing Director Ann Plough, and CEO Sanna Piha.

Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy has renewed its management team this year. Peter Fredman, who previously led the company specializing in knowledge management and food safety in professional kitchens, has been succeeded by Sanna Piha as CEO, Ann Plough as Marketing Director and Elina Halinen as Service Design Director. Plough and Halinen also joined our management team. Our founder, Peter Fredman, will continue as chairman of the Board of Directors.

Sanna Piha, who previously served as our Chief Operating Officer (COO), is our new CEO and the Seattle-born Ann Plough, who has held international information and food-technology positions, is responsible for the domestic and foreign marketing of our foodtech service products. Our new Service Design Director, Elina Halinen, was previously in charge of the design and marketing of Fredman Group’s digital services. The appointments represent a significant step towards our vision of a perfect kitchen and its internationalization.

Benefits of contactless solutions brought to the kitchen

In addition to the food they enjoy, restaurant customers are paying increased attention to what restaurants are doing to ensure a carefree and safe customer experience.

“With easy-to-use testing technology, we can already verify the cleanliness of tabletop and cutting board surfaces, and transfer information from sticky notes on kitchen cabinet doors to smartphones. Timely completion of cleaning and other maintenance tasks can be easily be verified company-wide as well as at single sites, and restaurant chains or hotel and cruise operators can use digital hygiene trend reports to ensure that quality is maintained and the value proposition is fulfilled across the board. Technology is not only a great help in routine work, it gives culinary professionals more time to focus on creativity and ensures a safe and pleasant customer experience,” says Elina Halinen, Director of Service Design, demonstrating the agility of digital services: “Until a few months ago, we could not imagine the new needs, related to our Chefstein® service, which the pandemic has created. In addition to raw materials, storage facilities, and temperature control of food, we have added tasks such as measuring the body temperature of staff. It has become a new daily routine for professional kitchens.”

CEO Sanna Piha believes that the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to a much greater need for information on food and ingredients. Data is already being collected on all processes from primary production to the diner’s plate, but the utilization of data is still in its infancy.

“Diners are increasingly interested in what they are eating, and growers and producers want to know why and for whom they are working. Logistics, wholesale, portion manufacturers, and their potential drivers are also part of the supply chain, all of which have a great responsibility to ensure that food is consumed safely,” says Sanna Piha, who adds: “Raw material and food waste are also huge challenges that are needlessly burdening our planet. Both types of waste could be reduced. It is clear that food safety will improve as processes relating to storage, hygiene, and food delivery are automated. Correct use of this information, which is collected and analysed throughout the value chain, will provide customers with peace of mind.”

Fredman Perfect Kitchen is helping to improve the way kitchens are managed through its foodtech innovations. The newest product, Chefstein® by Fredman, is a digital kitchen management solution for the modern food service business. It brings key operations and tasks from the kitchen, from food safety, hygiene, and food waste, into one easy-to-use digital platform. Data and information about the kitchen operations are gathered automatically, and restaurant managers can review and monitor everything from one place, for a single restaurant or across an entire chain.

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Chefstein® by Fredman Perfect Kitchen is a digital kitchen management solution for the modern food service business. It provides a way to focus your full attention on your passion – food, while running your kitchen with increased precision using real-time data and built-in automation. Enhance the efficiency of your kitchen’s workflow, waste management, hygiene and food safety while minimizing managerial and administrative overheads. Make informed business decisions based on data, automate food traceability and environmental control, and optimize your kitchen’s operational processes – resulting in saved time, reduced food waste, lowered CO2 footprint and elevated employee well-being. Learn more at

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Fredman Group’s global revenue is around 24 million euros. A team of 80 employees work together with a broad network of professionals to ensure food service kitchens are inspiring, modern and enjoyable working environments.

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