One of the most significant solar power plants in the Satakunta region built for Fredman’s Rauma factory – in the summertime, the plant will cover up to 45% of the factory’s electricity


Finnish family-owned company Fredman has had a nationally significant solar power plant set up at its factory in Rauma. With a power of 344 kWp, the solar power plant is one of the most significant solar plants in the Satakunta region. By investing in solar power, Fredman aims to reduce the carbon footprint of production and contribute to climate change mitigation.

Nearly 1,000 solar panels were installed on the roof and southern facade of the Fredman factory, generating an estimated 300 MWh of electricity per year. On average, this amounts to almost one fifth of the factory’s total annual electricity consumption, and in the summer, the panels can cover up to 45% of the factory’s electricity consumption. Around 60 MWh of the generated electricity goes to the grid as the factory’s electricity consumption is lower on weekends than on weekdays. “I believe that this is a very concrete demonstration of our commitment to renewable energy. Solar power is well suited to generating electricity for this factory. It’s great that we can get climate-friendly electricity straight from our own roof,” says Per-Henrik Hagberg, CEO of Fredman Group

More responsible kitchen products

Fredman’s factory manufactures high-quality, ecological kitchen products, such as baking paper, coffee filter paper, Elmu® plastic wrap, Carita® fiber cloths and Comple® pans, for both consumers and professional kitchens. 81% of the products are recyclable. According to the company’s sustainability vision, all final products are made of renewable materials and will be fully recyclable by 2030.

The addition of renewable energy ensures cleaner production of kitchen products as the solar power system is calculated to reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 40 tonnes per year.

In addition to the solar power plant, the factory building is heated by a heating plant that runs on Finnish wood chips, and solar collectors are used to heat the water. The purchased electricity is generated by wind power.

Fredman’s solar power plant was built by the Finnish Solarigo Systems Oy.

Fredman’s Rauma factory is located at Eurajoentie 10, 27230 Lappi, Finland.

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