Fredman assists Finland’s Bocuse d’Or team in an unprecedented takeaway challenge


Image: Eero Vottonen, Mikko Kaukonen, Anni Peräkylä, Heikki Liekola
Bocuse d’Or Academy Finland ry / Santeri Stenvall

The Finnish family-owned business Fredman Group and Bocuse d’Or Academy Finland have started their collaboration to prepare for the final of the world’s most prestigious cooking competition. The competition, held in Lyon on September 26-27, explores a pandemic-era trend: takeaway food. Fredman helps the Finnish team to make sure that the dishes are served to the jury at exactly the right temperature.

“In a competition, even the smallest nuances count. It is extremely important that the judge receives the dish at just the right temperature. Our takeaway box is designed to keep the main course hot and the starter and dessert cool from the moment they are ready to the moment the judge tastes our dishes and scores them. This is where Fredman’s expertise comes in: while perfecting the flavors, we have also been testing optimal temperatures for different foods in our training kitchen,” says Mikko Kaukonen, who represents Finland in the Bocuse d’Or competition.

“It’s wonderful that Bocuse d’Or is keeping up with the times by introducing the global takeaway phenomenon into the competition. Temperature is, of course, an important factor when it comes to flavor, but it is also crucial for food safety that cold food is served cold and hot food is served hot,” says Elina Halinen, Design and Development Director at Fredman Group.

The growing demand for takeaway food has created new challenges for restaurants

Takeaway food packaging and food safety are challenges that more and more restaurants have been faced with during the exceptional circumstances. In a professional setting, it is crucial that the food has been processed at the right temperature and that the cold chain, surface cleanliness and transport packaging have been ensured properly. Professional kitchens are taking care of food safety in many ways, and almost 600 professional kitchens in Finland are using the Chefstein® technology developed by Fredman.

“Collaboration with Bocuse d’Or provides a great arena for developing temperature measurement processes for takeaway food in high-pressure situations where there is no room for error,” Halinen says.

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