Fredman Group’s factory becomes carbon neutral by the end of 2022


Image: Freman’s factory manufactures high-quality, food-safe kitchen tools and products for cooking, food storage, transportation and cleaning for households and professionals.

The Finnish family-owned company Fredman Group has set a goal to make its Rauma factory carbon-neutral by the end of next year. This target is part of the Green Factory project launched earlier this year. Last summer, the company took an important step towards carbon neutrality by introducing one of the largest solar power plants in the Satakunta region at the factory.

“Carbon neutrality will be achieved by reducing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency, and utilizing renewable alternatives to generate electricity and energy for the factory. We will offset the remaining carbon emissions through certified peatland afforestation in Finland, says Marju Vroman, Fredman’s Director of People and Sustainability Programs.

In addition to the solar power plant, Fredman’s factory building is heated by a heating plant that runs on Finnish wood chips. Solar collectors are used to heat the water. The purchased electricity has been generated by wind power since 2017.

Carbon-neutral production supports Fredman’s sustainability vision, which states that all final products will be fully recyclable and made of renewable materials by 2030. At the moment, 81% of the company’s products are recyclable. The carbon-neutral factory is the first step towards achieving carbon neutrality at group level.

Local companies play an important role in achieving the carbon neutrality targets of the City of Rauma

The City of Rauma has been part of the climate change mitigation network of pioneering municipalities and regions (the HINKU network) since 2013. The main goal is to reduce emissions by 80% from 2007 levels by 2030.

“Rauma is a strong industrial city, so the way the businesses operate is critical to achieving the city’s carbon neutrality targets. It has been great to see the Fredman Group’s systematic development efforts for achieving the carbon neutrality target at their Rauma factory,” says Business Specialist Heikki M. Nurmi from the City of Rauma.

Fredman Group Oy was granted the right to use the HINKU logo of the City of Rauma in 2014.

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