We are a Finnish family-owned business fighting for the best flavors and striving to create the perfect kitchen. We operate together with a broad network of professionals to make kitchens intelligent, high-quality, efficient and safe. We intend to grow internationally by combining new insights, know-how and professional networks.

We are constantly innovating as technology and kitchens develop. We want to be internationally renowned for significant technological solutions for professional kitchens. The Fredman way to manage kitchen and do HACCP is easy, digital and effective. No legal pads, no scribbled notes, no separate files and folders for plans. Read more about Fredman Pro.

We Strive for the Perfect Kitchen.

Fredman Professional Kitchen

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Fredman Pro - For kitchen management and HACCP

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Fredman Operations

We produce high-quality home and professional kitchen products cleared for contact with food.

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Fredman Group