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We are Peter and Clas Fredman, brothers and owners of the second-generation family business Fredman. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Our subsidiaries, Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy, Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy and Fredman Operations Oy, provide solutions, services and selected products for your home and commercial kitchen.

We are continuing our growth internationally by combining new insights with industry-specific knowledge, to create a diverse network of innovators. We operate together with a broad range of professionals who want to make kitchens intelligent, efficient and safe – so we can expand our international reputation and reinforce our position as a key provider of technological solutions for commercial kitchens.

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We make professional kitchens intelligent

We strive for the perfect kitchen by transforming commercial kitchens into intelligent working environments. By combining technology, data, analytics and knowledge we create versatile solutions that enhance food experiences.

We are known for our digital food tech services and digital systems for HACCP – designed with the intention of making kitchen management easy and intuitive. . We specialize in making HACCP processes digital to ensure a high level of food safety, hygiene and sustainable food waste management in commercial kitchens.

Our newest product, Chefstein® is a digital kitchen management tool for the modern food service business that makes your kitchen futureproof. Find out more at

Make your kitchen futureproof – with Chefstein®!

Professional food contact

We are passionate about creativity in commercial kitchens. With our products, services and solutions we want to facilitate flavors and reinforce food safety – so your food remains superior.

We have decades of experience working in commercial kitchens and we want to bring that seasoned knowledge into our product development. We have a broad array of products designed for the commercial kitchen, from biodegradable kitchen clothes to sustainable food packaging. All our products meet the incredibly high standards required by professionals in the industry, so our promise is simple: we provide “professional food contact” solutions for our customers. Contact our sales team to learn more!

Sustainable food contact

We also produce high-quality home and commercial kitchen products cleared for contact with food. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in food production and logistics processes, we combine agility with innovation to create a consistent customer experience that is reinforced by a reliable delivery of product.

We are responsible for Fredman Groups’ production, purchases, quality and logistics. Our production lines handle tons of top-quality ingredients every year that we turn into products loved by our customers. In addition to products and logistics, our daily activities include regulating our products for food contact, setting goals for sustainability and monitoring quality control. We want to lead the charge in these areas of food management with our value promise and promote an environment of “sustainable food contact.”

We are always looking to improve our operations and for new materials and methods that would help us serve our customers better. We are inspired by our customers – their aspirations and goals in their kitchens – and it makes us happy to make our customers’ dreams come true.

Our professional pride and impeccable reliability are things we want to be known for now, and in the future.

Impeccable delivery reliability and Finnish professional pride are things we want to be known for in the future – just as we are now.

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