Fredman values

We do not believe in empty words, but in deeds and action. Therefore, our values have been written as a guideline that guides us to care, develop, be brave and act in a profitable and sustainable way.


Together with each other and our customers, we strive for great things: the perfect kitchen and the renewal of the industry. Achieving these requires us to have the willingness to help others. We treat everyone kindly and care about each other and our customers, which we show in daily acts.

Renewal is a prerequisite for being a frontrunner. We are a professional team that constantly develops its competence for the benefit of our customers, Fredman and each individual. We notice problems in our processes and vigorously make them function better.

The world is full of opportunities, which we grab boldly. Succeeding in change requires us to have boldness, vision, open communication and perseverance.

We produce outstanding customer experiences in all of Fredman’s operations. Succeeding in this creates a foundation for profitability and thus, for the vitality of our family company even in the future.

As a family company, it is characteristic for us to take care of our employees, the environment and the Finnish society. They create a foundation for business operations based on sustainable development.

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