Contract Manufacturing

Do you need a manufacturer for your cardboard, paper or nonwoven fabric products? We have years of experience in refining wood and fiber-based raw materials. Our production facilities in western Finland produce tailor-made products for our customers. We supply for example custom-printed cardboard boxes (suitable for use with foodstuffs), baking paper products and coffee filters.

Thanks to years of experience and lengthy customer relationships, we have gained a great deal of know-how and expertise on raw materials. We invest in product development and training our staff. We’re passionate about involving our suppliers and customers as we create new, high-end products from the finest materials. Thanks to our R&D efforts, we’ve managed to bring completely new packaging solutions to market.

According to our customers, we’re top of the line when it comes to reliability of delivery. In addition to reliability, we measure our product quality and customer satisfaction. We take into account customer needs and schedules all the way from planning to production, and involve the customer in the process from the get-go. We can also help you with product design (both industrial and visual), and we can tailor packaging according to your demands. For us, customer satisfaction means high quality as well as responsible operations. We’ve gained the trust of several entities who measure quality. Read more about responsibility and product safety.


We manufacture parchment baking paper for American brand called If You Care. If You Care baking paper is sold in supermarket chain Whole Foods, who specialize in organic produce and responsibly manufactured goods.

biodegradable plastic and cardboard

We created a salad container made from biodegradable plastic and cardboard for an English customer. The containers are cut, printed and creased on site. We’re inspired to be able to develop materials and products that are more environmentally friendly.

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