We serve those who are searching for the finest flavors. We create new ideas related to cooking, preserving and transporting food, while focusing on keeping kitchens clean. We want to assist our customers in achieving their sustainability goals by combining customer satisfaction and experience with responsibility.

Long-term sustainable development requires commitment, and the ability to adapt in a changing world. As a family-owned business, we naturally set long-term goals that are identifiable, and reachable. We want to employ future generations and inspire them to take action. With our strategy running through 2040, we hope to facilitate sustainable development and consider our social, economic and environmental impact – and our immense responsibility to our society.

We are part of the Finnish Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, and we take this commitment seriously.

We Strive for the Perfect and Sustainable Kitchen!

Our sustainability statement is that all our products are made out of renewable materials and the final products are recyclable by 2030


The Finnish Commitment 2050 project, has garnered international attention for its advancement in sustainable development. We are taking significant environmental responsibility with a caring eye for our planet. We have committed to reducing our carbon footpring by declaring office and distribution centers “no-smoking” zones.


We have worked in sustainable development for many years, and that is why we believe the best ingredients deserve to be handled by the best tools. We make sure our products deliver our promise of “professional food contact.” This means that our products have been sustainably developed and carefully monitored for contact with food. Over the years we have gained the trust of various organizations who measure quality – and our products (and production processes) have been granted several certificates.

We respect international BSCI principles and our production facilities in western Finland are proof of that. Our facilities have been benchmarked for operating with environmental respect, and we have managed to cut our Co2 emissions by over 30 percent in the past seven years.


Fredman Group has been awarded the OHSAS 18001 certification of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. We aim to prevent work-related accidents and to ensure the wellbeing of our staff.

We have been a non-smoking workplace since September 1, 2016.


In addition to sustainable development, our operations are guided by everyday innovation

and the possibilities created by digitalization. We believe digitalization is much more than “working from home.” Digitalization helps us create new solutions that assist our customers with making their operations more advanced, and sustainable.


We help our customers decrease food waste. Thanks to Fredman Food Tech services, our customers can track their cooking and storage processes. Our services also allow our customers to predict and prevent risks that could cause irrevocable damage to the environment.

All our products are manufactured from materials certified for contact with food.

Almost 90 percent of the materials we purchase are renewable. More than 45 percent of those materials are domestically purchased materials. We prefer to support local suppliers whenever possible.

We have been granted the ISO 22000 certificate that proves we meet international food safety regulations.


Our main goal is to reduce our environmental impact by reusing our production waste. We hope to get close to “zero waste” production so we can contribute to a sustainable future for our planet.

Our coffee filter production process does not produce any waste because our process is guided by the principles of a circular economy. The Finnish National Waste Plan goal for 2016 was to have less than 20 percent municipal waste taken to landfills. As of now, only 0.05 percent of the waste in our factory is taken to a landfill. Thus, we have received the ISO14001 certificate. This certificate verifies that we have met international performance requirements in effective environmental management – proving that our values have not gone unnoticed.

Fredman Group