Fredman usee cookies on its website. In addition to statistical purposes, cookies are used to ensure that our services are safe, efficient and user-friendly.

A cookie is a small text file sent to and stored on a user’s computer, allowing the website to remember frequent visitors to the site.

The purpose of cookies is to help Fredman improve the usability and content of its website.  Cookies allow Fredman to provide visitors with relevant information and services and focus its marketing efforts in a meaningful way. Information collected through the use of cookies will not be disclosed to third parties. Users are deemed to have accepted the use of cookies when they visit Fredman’s website, fill out forms on the site and allow cookies in the site settings.

Information collected through the use of cookies will not be linked to personal data without the consent of the user. If a user identifies himself/herself by entering personal data on a form on the website or visits the site through a link contained in an email sent by Fredman, the cookie information can be linked to the user’s personal data.


The website may also contain third-party cookies, such as tracking and analytics cookies. Third parties may place cookies on your device when you visit Fredman’s website.


In addition to the cookies used on Fredman’s site, Fredman also uses cookies to target its own online advertising on third-party sites. In these cases, Fredman cooperates with companies specialising in online advertising technology. The information collected helps Fredman target its advertising to users based on past online behaviour and other factors so that Fredman’s ads will reach the people who are most likely to be interested in them.

In addition, Fredman and its partners may collect information about the effectiveness of the ads. For this purpose, we may collect, for example, the following information:
•    the number of times a particular ad has been shown in the browser
•    whether or not the ad was opened


You can disable cookies if you do not wish Fredman to access the above information through cookies. You should note, however, that some pages will not function correctly if cookies are disabled.

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