Reducing food waste

There are many ways to reduce and manage food waste. We are solving this enormous challenge faced by modern professional kitchens with our innovative digital Chefstein® service, which is complemented by various scale solutions for measuring food waste. When we know where waste comes from and why, it is possible to reduce its amount and save costs.


“Cutting down on food waste while saving costs” is an important goal. The Chefstein® service’s waste tool tells you how and why food waste is generated in a professional kitchen. Based on this valuable data, it is easy to make sustainable and profitable decisions that reduce food waste in the kitchen’s daily work.

Chefstein® Smart Scale

Intelligent food waste tracking high precision. Chefstein® Smart Scale is discreetly positioned under existing waste bins in a professional kitchen. In other words, it requires no changes in the kitchen’s routines. Only new, valuable data that you can use to systematically reduce food waste.

Bio scale

Understanding the amount of biowaste we produce helps reduce waste and save costs. The bio-scale collects information updated by staff on food waste at various parts of the kitchen and reliably reports the data. Informed decision-making means sustainable food waste management and choices.

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