The Finnish manufacturer of sustainable kitchen products for food service and retail

We are on the food side

Sustainable, food-safe kitchen products and food packaging solutions need to not only meet the highest quality standards but also help brands stand out.

With over 25 years of sustainability-led manufacturing excellence in Finland, Fredman specialises in serving the retail, restaurant and food service sectors. Our range includes commercial and private label products for cooking, baking, kitchen hygiene, and custom food packaging solutions.

We focus on sustainable cardboard and paper-based products, and other food-safe raw materials in our products.

Driven by sustainability and quality

The performance of frequently used kitchen products is crucial. However, consumers and food service professionals increasingly demand sustainable and traceable material choices. These principles drive all our sourcing and manufacturing processes.

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Over 25 years of love for good food

Founded by Christian Fredman in the 90s, the story of Fredman Group has always revolved around good food. Throughout the company’s history, we have produced a selection of iconic kitchen products to make cooking, baking, brewing coffee as well as food packaging and storage easier. In home kitchens, restaurants and the wider food service industry.

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