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Wether on land or in air – Food packaging is an essential part of a successful food product. We produce environmentally friendly, innovative and sustainable packaging for companies from cardboard, paper and nonwovens – also with custom printing. We manufacture airtight and durable packages to preserve flavor and ensure food safety. A Single transport and serving solution from the kitchen to users for different inflight catering needs.

What we offer?

  • Standard sized products for onboard catering
  • Tested fireproof products
  • Sustainable, recyclable materials

Comple® carton meal tray for hot and cold dishes is an environmentally friendly and safe choice. It withstands heating, freezing, storage and transport. The tray is PET coated and closed with PET film to ensure optimal hygiene. Available in several sizes. Perfect for airline food packaging needs.

High-quality Comple® tray – the choice of airlines

The clean Finnish forests are full of food and the best raw materials. The authentic and original Comple® tray also comes from the Finnish forest. The wood fiber-based Comple® tray, the result of decades of development, is a perfect tool for inflight meal services.

  • Sustainable materials
  • Nordic raw materials, Finnish manufacturing
  • Custom printing as an option
  • Wide range of sizes
  • The Comple concept also includes sealing devices and films

Fredman’s Comple® products ensures optimal flavors and temperature during meal packaging and transport.

Our solution fits aviation security and process needs.

Finnair economy class meals served in cardboard trays

One of the goals in Finnair’s sustainability strategy has been to reduce the use of single-use plastics by 50% by the end of 2022.

“With the new packaging, we were able to reach our target ahead of schedule early last fall. Our customers are eco-conscious and pay attention to the amount of waste generated in the cabin,” says Marika Nieminen, Finnair’s Vice President and Head of Kitchen.


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