Paper coffee filters

The Fredman classic. Biodegradable coffee filters for retail, restaurants and food service.

Paper coffee filters are one of our iconic kitchen products. Finns drink more coffee per capita than any other nation in the world, which we – as a Finnish coffee filter manufacturer – proudly consider our advantage as the experts in how to brew good filter coffee.

Biodegradable coffee filters made in Finland

Made from high-grade, biodegradable and FSC® certified wood fiber, Fredman paper coffee filters are available in various sizes as private label products for retail as well as for commercial use in restaurants and other food service businesses.

Made in Finland at the Fredman factory, powered by 100% renewable energy.

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Options for home and commercial coffee machines

For home coffee machines, our filters are available in the most common No. 4 (1×4) filter size as well as the smaller No. 2 (102) size. For commercial use, different sizes for larger filter coffee machines are available.

Unbleached or oxygen-bleached

Brown, unbleached, and white, oxygen-bleached (chlorine and fluorine free) coffee filters. Completely biodegradable with no plastic, making them an eco-friendly choice for brewing delicious filter coffee.

Durability and quality

The quality of both our paper coffee filters and the raw materials we use is constantly monitored. This ensures that the durability and functionality of our products are never compromised, protecting your brand reputation.

Branding opportunities in package

For retail, the easily opened and closed cardboard box offers multiple opportunities for elegant branding. Fredman private label coffee filters are a high-quality addition to your kitchen product category.


Coffee filters for private label retail customers:

  • Unbleached paper coffee filters, No 2, 100 pcs
  • Unbleached paper coffee filters, No 4, 100 pcs
  • Oxygen-bleached paper coffee filters, No 4, 100 pcs

Commercial coffee filters for food service customers:

  • Fredman unbleached coffee filters, dia 90-110mm, 250 pcs
  • Fredman unbleached coffee filters, dia 90-110mm, 4 x 250 pcs
  • Fredman coffee filters economy, dia 90-110mm, 6000 pcs

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