About us

We are a Finnish family-owned company that manufactures sustainable and food safe kitchen products for both home cooks and professional chefs to use in cooking, storage, delivery and cleaning. Professional kitchens around the world can benefit from our digital kitchen management and self-supervision solutions built on decades of experience. We collaborate with an extensive network of professionals to make kitchens smarter and more environmentally friendly and hygienic.

We strive for the perfect kitchen for our customers. Every home cook and professional has their own idea of a perfect kitchen. To us, a perfect kitchen is above all one that is hygienic and sustainable, promotes food safety and minimizes waste, without compromising efficiency. Our task is to ensure that you can focus on creating the best tastes every day.

From a small family business to an internationally growing organization

Fredman’s story dates back to 1937, to the village of Kauttua in Eura, Finland. That year, Euran Paperi Oy was founded, which manufactured products ranging from waxed candy wrappers to electrocardiogram paper. Later, Euran Paperi became part of the Ahlström Corporation, with which Certix Ky, founded by Christian Fredman, was also merged in the early 1990s.

In the late 1990s, Christian Fredman set out to develop the company’s consumer products sector by acquiring Ahlström’s consumer goods subsidiary as its managing director. The company grew and went global with the help of legendary flagship products such as Elmu® plastic wrap and baking paper and Carita® fiber cloth, as well as many others.

Family business in the second generation

In 2002, Christian’s sons, Clas and Peter Fredman, stepped in to take a role in the company. Since then, following massive investments and rebranding, Fredman is assuming a stronger foothold in the Finnish market and is set on internationalization. At the end of 2020, Clas and Peter joined the Board of Directors from the company’s operational management.

Milestones of our history

Towards perfect kitchens – profitably and sustainably

Our top priority is to ensure that our services are sustainable. Sustainability is one of the core values that has guided our work for decades. We follow the principles of sustainable development in everything we do and take social, financial and environmental sustainability into account in our operations. With our international operations and digital Chefstein® service, we are increasingly turning our focus to solving global sustainability challenges.

Welcome along our journey!