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With a 25-year legacy of crafting iconic kitchen products and food packaging solutions, Fredman Group is a Finnish company renowned for its commitment to sustainability.

We produce high-quality, food-safe kitchen essentials for kitchen professionals and home cooks under the Fredman brand, as well as private label manufacturing for retailers.

Our sustainable food packaging options, including for branding and custom design, are the result of close collaboration with catering and food service organizations in various industries internationally.

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Our story: from a small family business to an internationally growing company

The story of Fredman stems from a love for cooking. The journey towards what the company is today began in the 1990s when a kitchen product company founded by Christian Fredman merged with a local paper processing business.

The company started manufacturing its iconic kitchen and cooking products at its own factory in Rauma, Finland. The range included product categories such as baking paper, cling film, and fibre cloths. These products soon became established domestic brands and staples in both home and professional kitchens.

In the early 2000s, Fredman Group transitioned to a fully family-owned business with Christian’s sons, Clas and Peter, joining the company. The company continued to innovate with products like the Comple® food packaging system, which gained significant popularity in professional kitchens, particularly in the care sector.

Commitment to sustainable kitchen products and services

In 2015, a strategic shift was made to eliminate disposable tableware from the selection, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

In 2016, Fredman Group was set up as a corporate entity, aligning our kitchen products under the Fredman brand and introducing a new digital service to help professional kitchens with self-monitoring and more efficient business management.

Fredman’s ambitious sustainability vision, launched in 2018, aims for all our products to be recyclable and made from renewable materials by 2030. By this time, the Fredman brand embodied a complete kitchen and cooking product and service family, emphasizing quality, Finnish origin, and sustainability.

Kitchen products and food packaging solutions designed and made in Finland

Fredman’s heart has always remained in our factory in Rauma, which today operates entirely on renewable energy.

With a strong domestic market presence and about 20% of our revenue coming from exports, our range of iconic and sustainable kitchen products is trusted for quality by both home cooks and professional chefs. Examples include the only coffee filters and baking paper made in Finland and the fibre cloths loved by chefs.

Today, Fredman serves both professional kitchens and home cooks with our Fredman-branded products. In addition, we provide private label manufacturing for international retail partners. With our extensive experience working with catering businesses worldwide, we also specialize in creating innovative, branded, or custom food packaging solutions for our food service customers.

Strategic, international growth and future vision

Early 2024 introduced a major shift in the way Fredman Group is run. To help fuel international growth for the company’s kitchen product and packaging solutions business, a new majority owner, the private equity investor Korona Invest, was announced. Peter and Clas Fredman will remain involved as significant minority owners in the company. As part of this change Fredman transferred its digital kitchen self-monitoring service (Chefstein®) operations to CGI Finland Ltd.

Our mission is to promote new, sustainable ways of cooking that benefit everyone — from home cooks to professional chefs and the environment.

Together, we stand on the food side.

We are on the food side

It is of utmost importance to us that we serve our customer base responsibly. Responsibility is one of our key values that has guided our operations for decades. We are committed to incorporating sustainable development principles into all aspects of our work, taking into account social, economic, and environmental responsibility.

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