Biodegradable fibre cloths

Enter the new, sustainable era of sparkling, germ-free kitchen hygiene. Biodegradable fibre cloths for retail brands, restaurants and food service.

The Fredman biodegradable fibre cloths are a true innovation. Made from FSC®-certified wood fibre, the fibre cloth is the result of decades of product development, delighting the environmentally conscious food service professionals and home cooks alike. The cloths are extremely absorbent, removing dirt, grease, and other cooking stains.

Manufactured at the Fredman factory in Finland, our fibre kitchen cloths are available as private label products for retail customers and for use in restaurants or food service businesses.

Compostable in food waste bin, food-grade material

Instead of a single-use, non-recyclable kitchen cloth, the biodegradable fiber cloths are designed to be used for a day and then thrown in food waste bin. They can also be reused if desired; just rinse, dry, and keep wiping.

Fredman biodegradable fibre cloths are food-grade and can be used to assist in cooking processes such as in sieving and simmering or maintaining the freshness of vegetables in the fridge.

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Super absorbent

The long-lasting fibre kitchen cloths absorb 10 times their weight in liquid! They efficiently remove dirt, grease and other cooking stains. By disposing the cloth in your food waste bin at the end of the day, you eliminate surface germs instead of spreading them.

Environmentally friendly kitchen cloths

Fully biodegradable, made from FSC®-certified wood fiber in Finland, the Fredman fibre cloths are the conscious choice for professional kitchens as well as for home cooking and cleaning. They can be used dry, with water, or cleaning spray.

Food-grade kitchen cloth for cooking

Food service professionals love the multi-purpose fiber cloths for cooking. Made from food-grade raw materials, they are perfect for storing fresh vegetables in the fridge, sieving liquids, and simmering (max 2 h at 70 degrees or 15 mins at 100 degrees).


Fibre cloths for private label retail customers:

  • Biodegradable fibre cloth, 20 pcs/roll, 30 X 50cm

Fibre cloths for food service customers:

  • Fredman Carita® biodegradable fibre cloth, 50 pcs/roll, 45 X 60cm
  • Fredman Carita® Premium fibre cloth, 40 pcs/roll, 45 X 60cm

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