Baking paper products

For the love of safer and easier baking and food-wrapping. Compostable, paper-based baking paper and waxed paper products for retail, restaurants, and food service.

Baking papers were one of our first product lines and it remains a classic thanks to its durability and quality. The classic was recently accompanied by a trending oldie but goldie; waxed paper for wrapping and storing food items.

For professional kitchens and private label options for retail

For retail, we manufacture private label baking products from sustainable FSC® certified wood fiber. Unbleached, compostable baking paper is our most requested home baking product.

Restaurant and food service customers can equip their professional kitchens with paper-based options from parchment baking paper to waxed paper for keeping stored food items fresh.

Made in Finland at the Fredman factory, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Waxed paper is an eco-friendly option

Waxed paper is the sustainable alternative for cling film and aluminium foil. The moisture-resistant carnauba wax surface keeps wrapped sandwiches, baked goods, meats, cheese etc fresh. Also works as a non-stick baking surface underlay.

High-quality and sustainable baking papers

Our strong baking paper products are made from high-grade, FSC®-certified wood fiber. Available in various sizes and formats as private label products for retail and commercial use, ensuring eco-friendliness in every kitchen.

Compostable baking papers only

Once used, all our paper-based baking and waxed papers can be thrown in the bio waste bin. Biodegradable, unbleached and chlorine free they are a truly sustainable choice. All our baking and waxed papers can be reused, if desired.


Baking and waxed papers for private label retail customers:

    • Baking paper roll, unbleached, 38cm x 10m

    • Baking paper roll, unbleached, 38cm x 20m

    • Baking sheet, unbleached, 38 x 42cm

    • Baking sheet, unbleached, 24 sheets, 38 x 42cm

    • Baking sheet large, unbleached, 18 sheets, 40 x 50cm

    • Waxed paper unbleached, 30cm x 10m

Baking papers for food service customers:

Fredman baking paper roll, unbleached, 24 pcs, 325 x 530 mm, 1/1 GN

Baking paper products for your own brand?

Our selection covers all the essential baking paper products. Let’s plan your category.

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