Custom food packaging

Have an idea or a special requirement for a custom food packaging concept? We can help with product development and manufacturing.

Specialised operational conditions, such as those in aviation or maritime travel sectors or foodservice processes, may require completely custom-made food packaging solutions. The special needs for custom food packaging may include challenging oven-heating, freezing or transport needs. Fredman works with businesses and organizations in all of these industries. We understand the challenges.

Custom food packaging services from product development to raw material selection and branding

The Fredman team works alongside our customer teams to drive product development for custom solutions. These can include tailored food boxes or trays, sandwich containers, or other types of food packaging. Our selection includes sustainable raw materials: cardboard, paper, and nonwoven fabric. All custom products are manufactured at the Fredman factory in Rauma, Finland.

From product development and prototyping to testing and manufacturing, we work closely with our customers to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs.

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Complete custom food packaging concepts

We specialise in developing custom-made food boxes where the size, shape and even raw materials are tailored to meet special requirements posed by heating, storage, or delivery circumstances

Always driven by sustainability

Fredman is committed to only working with sustainable and traceable raw materials, manufactured at our factory in Finland. Every custom food packaging solution we develop and manufacture is driven by sustainability.

Industry insight at your disposal

With over 25 years of experience in the food service industry, Fredman understands the intricacies of professional kitchens and the diverse business models and operations within them.

Need a sustainable, scalable custom food packaging concept for your food business or operations?

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