Food Service Products

The best tastes are created with high-quality products. Fredman provides first-rate, food safe products for professional kitchens, restaurants and food service that make daily tasks around the kitchen easy and effortless.

Cooking and Baking

High-quality and safe products are the cornerstone of every professional kitchen. Efficient tools and equipment streamline your work and make cooking and handling even the most demanding ingredients effortless.

Our products in Cooking and Baking:

  • Fredman coffee filters made from high-grade, biodegradable raw materials
  • Fredman baking papers protect food from sticking to GN trays and help to reduce food waste.
  • Fredman piping bags have sterile interior, strong double seams and a textured gripping surface.
  • Fredman doilies are perfect for serving as well as setting
  • Fredman cake underlays are woodfiber-based and stands grease and moisture
  • Fredman foil trays suitable for frying, freezing, serving and storing various bakes and casseroles
  • PanSaver® pan liners help to improve food quality, save time, cut production costs and reduce food waste

Storage & Food Waste

Correct and safe storage of food and minimization of food waste are essential parts of daily work in a professional kitchen. Our extensive range of storage solutions is designed to serve the needs of professionals.

Our products for Storage and Food Waste:

  • Fredman plastic bags made from food-grade LDPE plastic, so you can use them safely to prepare, store and transport food.
  • Fredman Green PE plastic bags made renewable bio-based polyethene. Store with smaller carbon footprint.
  • Fredman heat seal bags protect flavors from drying and bacteria. Seal conveniently with Fredman sealing machine.
  • Fredman vacuum bags are a great way to store quality raw materials and foods. Also suitable for Sous Vide cooking.
  • Fredman Elmu® cling film has airtight and self-adhesive properties that help to seal in the best flavors. Remember also our Elmu® cling film dispensers with cutting blade.
  • Fredman plastic containers are perfect for salads and other ready-made meals.
  • Fredman foil has excellent heat, moisture and cold resistance – can use it in the oven, grill, cold room, refrigerator or freezer.

Take Away

Food delivery is a skill that is increasingly required from professional kitchens as demand for catering and take away services grows. Our take away solutions make delivering hot and cold dishes effortless and safe.

Comple® solution:

  • Comple® trays come in various formats and materials. Select from woodfiber-based carton tray, carton tray with plastic rim, plastic tray or CPET tray.
  • Seal the trays with Comple® plastic lid or the Comple® sealing machine and laminate.
  • Comple® cups allow you to store and transport desserts or salads or how about creating a mini bowl into it? Cups are available in both plastic and carton versions.
  • Comple® transport boxes take into account the food transportation requirements, seal in freshness and improve food safety. The boxes are suitable for machine wash.


Fredman Take Away products:

  • Fredman cake boxes keep your pastries and cakes fresh and neat.
  • Fredman paperboard boxes are durable and you can find right solutions from pastries, sandwiches, wraps & baguettes to salads, burgers and meals. Our sturdy material makes it easier to handle take away delicacies, improve food safety, and most importantly, boost sales. It is also possible to get the boxes printed.
  • Fredman take away bag and its contents can be placed directly in a grill or an oven. The bag is fully biodegradable and can be sorted into biowaste
  • Fredman bio lunch boxes available in different sizes and they are an ecological and conscious choice made of bagasse (reused byproduct generated in sugar production).

Food Safety

Taking care of the hygiene of workspaces and tools is the basis of food safety in a professional kitchen.

Our products:

  • Carita® fiber cloth is a professional’s choice for keeping your kitchen hygienic. The woodfiber-based and FSC®-certified Carita® fiber cloth is the result of decades of development.
  • Fredman Carita gloves and hats are perfect tools valued by kitchen professionals, that improve food safety. They are intended to protect you when handling food and cleaning the kitchen.



Branded packaging brings value!

We can tailor-make take away and other packaging solutions to meet your needs. Highlight your brand with package that looks like you and keeps your food fresh all the way to your customer.

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