Our factory

Environmentally friendly production in Rauma.

Our factory, the heart of our operations, is located in Rauma in Satakunta, Finland. The factory employs some 50 professionals who manufacture safe, high-quality kitchen supplies for cooking, storage, delivery and cleaning. Our factory outlet is also located next to the factory.

In addition to in-house production, our modern warehouse ensures excellent security of supply and fast deliveries to our customers.

Fredman products are made of materials that have been selected based on their environmental friendliness. In outsourcing, we prefer Finnish suppliers whenever possible. We are also constantly working on our sustainability vision that by 2030, all our products will be both recyclable and made of renewable materials.

Our production is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Fredman Group is a Key Flag certified company, and many of our products have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol. The Key Flag Symbol has been awarded to Fredman by the Association for Finnish Work as recognition of Finnish origin, sustainability and professional Finnish design. The Association controls the use of the certification. The Key Flag Symbol may be awarded to products or services whose degree of Finnish origin is at least 50%, depending on the industry.

Our baking and filter paper products as well as the Eko freezing and roasting bags have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is awarded to products that contribute to sustainable development. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel indicates that its manufacture, use and disposal are less straining on the environment than other similar products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is awarded to products and services that meet the criteria set by environmental experts.