Fredman Group

Fredman Group Oy, a Finnish family business, has achieved carbon neutrality (Scope 1 & 2) at its factory in Rauma. The factory makes sustainable and safe kitchen supplies for home cooks and professional chefs. Its newly achieved carbon-neutral status is the company’s first step toward Group-level carbon neutrality.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the factory’s own operations were extremely low in 2021: just 9.06 tons. The factory is powered by solar panels, certified wind turbines, a wood-chip plant, and solar thermal collectors.

Carbon dioxide emissions from light fuel oil, which the company uses as its backup heat source, have been offset by planting trees in a former peat bog as part of a national reforestation project. The company’s partner in emissions measurement and offsetting is Ilmastoapu Oy.

The vast majority of emissions from Fredman’s entire value chain are generated outside of its own activities, especially in the production of raw materials. This is why the company is investing in products that are made from recyclable and renewable raw materials.

“We intend to carry out a full inventory of all our emissions next year. Our goal is for the whole Group to be carbon-neutral in 2024,” says Marju Vroman, Fredman’s Sustainability and Quality Director.

Local businesses play an important role in achieving Rauma Town’s HINKU goals

Rauma Town has been part of HINKU, a network of municipalities striving toward carbon neutrality, since 2013. The main goal is to reduce emissions by 80% from 2007 levels by 2030.

Fredman Group Oy was granted the right to use Rauma Town’s HINKU logo in 2014 as a recognition of the company’s systematic pursuit of carbon neutrality.