Fredman Group

Niklas Wickström has been appointed as a member of the Fredman Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Board. Niklas has been serving as Investment Director at the Finnish private equity investment company Korona Invest Oy since 2017. The transaction between Korona Invest and Fredman Group was completed on April 18, 2024.

Other members of Fredman’s board include Jaakko Isotalo (Korona Invest), owner-entrepreneur Peter Fredman, and Sami Miettinen (DCM Capital, Translink Corporate Finance).

Fredman Board
Photo: Niklas Wickström (on the front), 2nd row from left to right: Sami Miettinen, Jaakko Isotalo and Peter Fredman

“My predecessor and current board member, Peter Fredman and his team, have done commendable work for the development of this family business-oriented company. It is a pleasure to continue the work to ensure sustainable growth and secure the future together with the board and the management team,” says Niklas Wickström.

In March 2024, Fredman announced its focus on its core business, namely kitchen products and food packaging solutions. With this acquisition, Fredman has better opportunities to expand its business both in Finland and beyond its borders.

Owner-entrepreneurs Clas and Peter Fredman, along with Fredman’s CEO Per-Henrik Hagberg, will continue in the company as significant minority owners.

News release March 12.3.2024: Fredman Group has a new majority owner – Korona Invest will accelerate the company’s growth