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Fredman Carita® Bio kitchen cloth

The Key Flag certified Fredman Carita® Bio kitchen cloth is approved for food contact, making it a great aid in the kitchen that is also suitable for cooking. The cloth has a wide range of uses that have also been tested in professional kitchens, where Carita® cloth has been widely used for decades.

Carita® Bio kitchen cloth can be used in contact with dry, moist and greasy foods. It is also suitable for long-term storing and any type of preserving.
The fiber cloth is ideal for:
•straining, filtering and pressing liquids,
•rising doughs, as a sponge cloth for removing e.g. grease,
•wiping meat and fish, •drying lettuce and vegetables,
•storing lettuce in a cold room. Lettuce stays crunchy when it is gently folded inside a damp Carita® cloth.
•slow cooking and brewing, but it should be noted that the fiber cloth can be heated for a maximum of two hours at 70°C or fifteen minutes at 100°C.

The wood fiber-based, FSC® certified Carita® Bio kitchen cloth is the result of decades of development. It is odorless and produced without harmful chemicals. It is 100% biodegradable and recycled with biowaste. The packaging is recycled with cardboard.

Amount:20 pcs

Product dimensions:30x50 cm

Product material:Viscous

Product recycling:Bio waste

Packaging material:Cardboard

Packaging recycling:Cardboard