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You want to ensure the best flavors, keep everything fresh and uphold quality. You want to take care of food safety and decrease food spoilage.

The best flavors are created from high-quality ingredients that have been stored correctly and carefully. Fredman Professional food preserve solutions have been designed to withstand even large changes in temperature. You can use the same products in every step of the cooking process: heating up, cooling down, storage and freezing.

Pick a wrap, box, bag or pan – our broad range has been designed to meet professional needs.

Digital system to monitor storage

Storage temperatures have a big impact on the taste and quality of foodstuffs, so as a professional, you keep a close eye on temperatures. You serve food you’ve cooked warm, you cool down some of it for take-out. You store foodstuffs in a showcase display and perishable foods in your cold room.

Thanks to digitalization, in many professional kitchens these routine tasks are monitored automatically with the help of the Fredman Food Tech -services, designed for kitchen management.

Non-descript fixed Kitchen Robo sensors installed into freezers, dry storage spaces and cold rooms constantly measure the temperature and moisture of ingredients and appliances. The system not only reports about measurements, it also alerts you if there are sudden changes.

Our product range for preserving food:


Designed for take-out and showcase display products, Kroko will protect your foods and guarantee the best culinary experience for your customer. You can use the thin, see-through Kroko bags to pack freshly filled rolls, baguettes, pies, salads and convenience foods. This safe and good-looking packing alternative also facilitates taking products home for your customers.

Packed foods stay fresh for longer, so you can schedule packing for a less hectic part of the day. That way you can focus on your customers during rush hours. The versatile Kroko bag is also fit for heating showcase display products. The packaged items are also microwaveable – just cut open one corner of the bag.

By packing foodstuffs into neat and hygienic Kroko bags you will reduce spoilage and improve counter and showcase display cleanliness.

With a small Kroko sealing device, sealing Kroko bags is easy and efficient. We stock a wide range of different sizes of bags, so you will find the perfect solution for displaying your foods elegantly. We also offer custom printing on Kroko bags.


Vacuum packing prolongs the time that foodstuffs and products stay fresh and prevents dehydration. The preservative effects of vacuum packing is based on removing air surrounding the foodstuffs, which:

  • allows the flavors and aromas to keep longer and prevents lipid peroxidation
  • prevents dehydration
  • takes up less space e.g. in the freezer

The Fredman Professional Kitchen range includes everything you need for vacuum packing. We stock various sizes of smooth, grooved and cooking bags. Our bags are also suitable for raw and sous vide cooking.

We would love to help you pick the perfect equipment for your kitchen:

  • small side-operated sealers
  • Jumbo and Boxer series for professional kitchens
  • Appliances for demanding industrial use
  • Additional equipment for e.g. labeling


  • Ingredients containing water or lipids
  • Low-acid ingredients containing less than 50% alcohol
  • Limited sous vide applications
  • Keep for 12 months
  • Withstand freezing down to -25°C
  • Can be sterilized with gamma irradiation or EO
  • +41 to +70 °C max 2h
  • +71 to +100 °C max 15 min


  • Grooved bottom, smooth top
  • Otherwise similar to the smooth bags
  • Especially for side-operated sealers


  • Best for sous vide
  • Withstand heating, which makes pasteurizing and sterilizing possible at 121°C for 2 hours
  • For modified atmosphere (gas) packaging
  • OPA and OPP
  • Not as airtight as smooth and grooved bags


Our Comple meal service system is designed to help you cook, store and transport food. It has been in daily use for dozens of years. With the Comple system, you’ll portion, seal, pack and transport meals easily and quickly at the right temperature – all the way there. All this is done easily, efficiently and hygienically. The Comple system consists of containers made from cardboard or plastic, sealing appliances and transport cases as well as a digital quality control system. Any cardboard products can be custom printed as per your request.

The Comple system is in use in thousands of restaurants, large-scale kitchens and service businesses every day. You can read more about the Comple system, specifically designed for storing and delivering hot and cold foods, here.


You store, pack, transport and deliver. You care about keeping food fresh and high-quality. With our insulated hot storage cases you can transport cooked meals and even high-maintenance ingredients hygienically and safely all the way to their destination. Read more about our storage and transport solutions, designed and certified for foodstuffs.


Rounding out our storage range is an assortment of containers, bags and wraps specifically designed for storing food and foodstuffs. Most of our products designed for storage can withstand large changes in temperature, so they are fit both for freezing and heating food up.


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