Ann Plough, Marketing Director Fredman Perfect Kitchen

Ann Plough (MBA) has been appointed Marketing Director of Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy. Ann has held international sales, marketing, program management and business development positions in information and food technology for more than 20 years. In her new role, she will be in charge of the international sales and marketing of solutions and services for commercial kitchens.

Fredman Group has invested heavily in the development of complete kitchen services and the related business activities. By appointing Seattle-born Plough to lead the domestic and international marketing of our food technology expertise, we are taking a significant step forward in our internationalization. Plough has previously worked as the Germany-based sales and marketing manager for the EMEA area of Avocent, an IT equipment manufacturer from the US; for AmCham and Technopolis in Finland, and as country manager for US health company Rejuvalyte in Finland. Plough joined our team from Kekri Food Oy, a food technology company she founded.


“Technology is a key part of the future of food, and food technology is my passion. Based on my knowledge of the international development of the industry, I know that Finland-based Fredman already represents world-class expertise in its field. Coming on board to help write the company’s unique story was an easy decision to make. I see no reason why we cannot strive to become global trailblazers in future food expertise from Finland,” says Ann Plough, and adds: “Fredman is an innovator and provider of some of the industry’s most advanced food technology solutions, including their newest product, Chefstein® a digital kitchen management solution. I believe that the Covid-19 pandemic, which has shaken up the restaurant sector, will further strengthen demand for such solutions. Food safety enabled and verified by information and technology will become even more valuable wherever food and restaurant services are used.”

Plough foresees a significant increase in the need for information from key operative areas in the food service industry. Data is already being collected throughout the value chain, but its utilization is still in its infancy.


“Restaurant customers are increasingly interested in transparency into restaurant operations: what they are eating, where it comes from, how it’s been handled.” says Plough, before adding: “Restaurant management need better solutions for managing all areas of operations, including food safety and food waste for better sustainability practices to overcome huge challenges that are needlessly burdening our planet. Added to that is the current strain the Covid-19 pandemic brings to the food service industry, and the increased focused on safe dining and hygiene as a result. However, we can overcome these challenges, and we know that food safety and dining safety will improve as processes are automated and digitized. Correct use of this information, which is collected and analyzed throughout the value chain, will provide restaurant customers with peace of mind. Fredman represents a new approach to commercial kitchen management through the combination of digital and non-digital products, which embraces not only kitchen expertise, but also first-class food safety, responsibility and sustainable environmental values enabled by cutting-edge technology.”


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Ann Plough, Marketing Director, Fredman Perfect Kitchen Oy, tel. +358 (0)400 316314,

Chefstei by Fredman Perfect Kitchen is a digital kitchen management solution for the modern food service business. It provides a way to focus your full attention on your passion – food, while running your kitchen with increased precision using real-time data and built-in automation. Enhance the efficiency of your kitchen’s workflow, waste management, hygiene and food safety while minimizing managerial and administrative overheads. Make informed business decisions based on data, automate food traceability and environmental control, and optimize your kitchen’s operational processes – resulting in saved time, reduced food waste, lowered CO2 footprint and elevated employee well-being. Learn more at

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