Some of life’s best moments happen while we are eating. At those times, what we really feel are the delicious flavors that you bring to life. You deserve high-quality cooking equipment that allows you to protect those flavors. All of our products deliver on our guarantee of “Professional Food Contact” – high-level requirements set by professionals for any products in contact with foodstuffs.

Whether you are dealing with easily perishable fresh fish, or a filet mignon requiring an extremely high cooking temperature, we want you to be able use the best possible equipment to cook it in an oven or grill – or prepare it for marinating in the cold room.

We have seen technically every food preparation and cooking process in a wide variety of kitchens. Whether it is cook and cold, cook and chill, cook and serve or sous vide, we can offer tools and HACCP solutions that are perfect for your kitchen. Our core products (Carita fiber cloths, baking sheets, coffee filters, piping bags) were designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

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The overall quality of a top professional kitchen is a function of the quality of its products, operations and services. With our top-of-the-line digital Fredman Food Tech services you can monitor and manage service quality and HACCP activities easily and efficiently. With the system, you will learn new things about every step of your food preparation process. You can systematically and efficiently lead planning, preparation, temperature control, HACCP as well as reporting and documentation.

The Fredman Food Tech services are compatible with various software and tools specifically designed for recipes, labels and menu design.


Products for cooking:


Everyone knows Carita, the heroine of professional kitchens, who brings efficiency into any professional kitchen she touches. The lint free fiber cloth is fit for both cleaning and cooking. FSC® certified Carita fiber cloths are made from natural, renewable materials, and they have been officially certified for contact with foodstuffs.

Fiber cloths are suitable for:
• sifting, filtering and squeezing liquids and brightening broths
• drying salad greens and vegetables or wiping meat and fish clean
• storing salad greens in the fridge. Lightly wrap your salad greens in a damp Carita to keep them crisp.
• simmering, yet notice that Carita can only be heated for a maximum of two hours in 70°C (160°F)  or fifteen minutes in 100°C (210°F)


Our baking sheets are made from the best clean materials, and they are available in various sheet and roll sizes. We also offer FSC-marked baking sheet paper. We can also customize baking sheet packaging according to your wishes.


We have years of experience of manufacturing and exporting cone and basket coffee filters. Our coffee filters are made from first-class biodegradable materials. We constantly monitor the quality of our products and raw materials so that you would always have the best filters available. We can customize filter packaging according to your wishes.


Easy-to-use Pansaver® GN dish liners improve the quality of food, save time, cut kitchen production costs and decrease spoilage. Pansavers are thin nylon-based dish liners suitable for use in an oven (up to 204°C). You can use Pansavers to cook and boil food or to stop food from sticking. Pansavers are also fit for storing food. Thanks to Pansaver’s patented Contour-Fit® technology, food won’t stick to your GN pan. Because Pansavers prevent sticking, they also increase food yield. Pansavers improve cooking efficiency. You won’t have to scrub pans clean anymore – just a simple wash will suffice.

Piping bags

Our piping bags are perfect for cooking, frosting and baking. They are known for its sterile interior, strong double seams and coarse surface. The Fredman piping bags has a heat resistance of -30 ° to + 110 ° C, so it is also durable for microwave ovens and freezers.



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